About us

At air G.S.E. we understand the aircraft Ground Support Equipment (G.S.E.) business, because that is all we do, so we are totally focussed on offering you the best solution possible to upgrade your fleet of GSE.

We help you to keep on top of your G.S.E. fleet age profile – The most successful airlines are the ones who continue to upgrade their aircraft fleet to the latest technology, fuel efficient, low noise, low running & repair costs, well the same applies to the ground support equipment. By using our extensive knowhow, you can focus on your core competence of ground handling & grow your business quicker with a more reliable G.S.E. fleet without exhausting your cash reserves.

Why partner with air G.S.E.? Because with us, you can keep your cash for growth by using it for acquisitions, planning for the cyclic nature of the aviation business, or just maximise your tax efficiency by off balance sheet financing, or renting from your operational expenditure budget. We have a very low cost of capital, as internal borrowing can be expensive from your own internal solutions. With a sale & lease back plan, you can unlock the potential in your existing GSE fleet, so let us draw up a business plan to affordably upgrade the age profile of your GSE fleet.

With air G.S.E. you keep control over decisions which are most important to your operation:

  1. You choose the right financial product to suit your bespoke application.
  2. You choose your preferred GSE manufacturer, rather than have us dictate to you, or use one of our preferred partners.
  3. You choose your preferred maintenance provider, or use your own maintenance, or use one of our preferred partners, or a manufacturers plan.
  4. We can dispose of your unwanted GSE assets at fair market value.